Founder’s Deep Dive S1 E19

Building the ‘AWS of Fintech’ that can last a 100 years

In this episode of the Founder’s Deep Dive Podcast, Suresh Sambandham CEO and Founder of KissFlow has a one on one with Prabhu Rangarajan, Co-founder of M2P Fintech.

M2P is an API infrastructure giant delivering futuristic and customer-centric fintech solutions through cutting-edge technology with a wide range of solutions across Payments, Lending, and Banking.

Suresh and Prabhu get into the juicy details of how M2P was founded and how they grew from a 60 member company pre-pandemic to a 1200 member company now. Prabhu also shares his journey of founding M2P along with his co-founders Madhu and Muthu and now acquiring 8 other companies and in effect running M2P with 20 co-founders who became the founding team.

Listen on to hear more about the exciting success story of M2P!

About the host

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

This episode’s guest

Prabhu Rangarajan

Co-founder , M2P Fintech
Key Takeaways

2:46 – Inception of M2P

6:50 – Tatkal: Inventing on-tap money

8:21 – M2P customer base

11:18 – How does M2P charge its customers

12:30 – Story behind the name M2P

14:30 – Bringing the founders together

20:30 – Do too many cooks spoil the broth?

27:30 – Role playing between Founders

29:28 – M2Ps Multi-city presence

30:24 – Numbers Pre and Post Covid

34:44 – Funding, Acquisitions & Expansion

40:53 – Acquisitions left, right and center

43:11 – Carving a niche with no competition

44:56 – Cultural integration of multiple companies into M2P

54:40 – Building a company for the next 100 years

Key Mentions

4:35 – IIFL Finance

4:38 – DCB Bank

9:23 – Slice

16:25 – Madhusudanan

16:39 – Muthukumar

16:43 – Visa

36:33 – Paytm

38:44 – Amrish Rau

38:45 – Kunal Shah

39:01 – 39:05

Tiger Global

Insight Partners

Mitsubishi UFJ Group of Japan

41:11 – FinFlux

47:33 – Sujay Vasudevan