Founder’s Deep Dive S1 E5

Acing Logistics: Category creation + Delivering efficiency at scale with Kushal Nahata of FarEye

20 Jan 2022

5 minute or 10 minute grocery deliveries?

Let’s hear about the magic that happens behind all types of deliveries – be it a pizza delivery in < 30 minutes or bikes and cars delivered at your home.

Delivery service companies have been spending millions of dollars every single year to serve their customers better & make the last mile delivery as quick as possible. Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce, grocery deliveries around the world, routing solutions have emerged as a huge white space in the logistics industry.

FarEye has emerged as a leader in this category, leveraging on top-notch domain expertise in delivery & logistics with a highly configurable product. 

Their no code/low code enterprise SaaS product has capabilities which allow platforms to integrate with their upstream & downstream logistics system & get better predictability. They even provide the ability to add returns to delivery routes in real-time. 

In this episode explore with Kushal Nahata – CEO & Co-founder of FarEye as Suresh unravels their journey of creating a world-class enterprise SaaS product to reimagine the logistics industry. 

There’s more on what you can learn from this episode. Tune in for more insights, happy listening!

About the host

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

This episode’s guest

Kushal Nahata

CEO and Co-Founder, FarEye
Key Takeaways
  • Your customers are getting out of business, shutting down or not having capital to pay. You have 20% enterprise customers and 80% SME customers. You’re losing 80% of your customers and you’ve recently raised a Series A, things are a little tricky. How’ll you navigate this?
  • How do you split US regions and how do you allocate accounts to AEs, how much is AE’s quota,  what’re typical OTEs?
  • When each of your accounts is $1mn+, how do you structure your sales org? Should it be marketing driven or sales driven?
  • How do you work with an NGO-like organization to hire a good BD?
  • How to get a customer without a product?
  • How to close a sale without a full fledged pilot?
  • How to tailor your pitch in order to achieve a shorter sales cycle?
  • How’s the enterprise software purchase process if there’s no Gartner quadrant available?
  • How to hire and how much to pay senior enterprise sales executives? How to set up a hiring & evaluation process for them? How to identify candidates with a startup mindset?
  • How to measure the learnability index?
  • Why would somebody leave an established supply chain and logistics brand and join a startup?
  • Is it effective to hire sales consultants or freelancers?
  • What’s the closure ratio of the pipeline, what’s the ratio of pipeline coming from marketing, BDR and sales team?