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Your journey into the US market starts here

In the winter of 2016, I decided to take a long flight. I could only check in two bags and one just had to be my cricket kit. With some amusement, I noted that all it took was one suitcase to pack the rest of my earthly possessions. I landed in the US, just the […]

Vinod Muthukrishnan
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Amazing stories and startups from Bhopal, Indore, and Surat

I’m writing this piece from a beautiful café in Bhopal, amidst lush greenery, butterflies, and chirping sounds of birds. This café is very special as all the stuff here is organic, with the farm right next to it. It’s always a pleasure to receive hospitality in an emerging city. You get to meet interesting people […]

Avinash Raghava
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Building Products that Sell Themselves: Journey of Appointy from Bhopal to Boston

If Nemesh Singh, Founder & CEO, Appointy India, were given a time machine, he would want to go back 21 years, when he started his entrepreneurial journey, and change a couple of things. In this session for SaaSBoomi Annual 2021 OnAir, curated be Varun Shoor, Founder and CEO, Kayako, Nemesh shares how he has bootstrapped […]

Shweta Mishra
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How to structure your engineering-product org for faster delivery

How to structure your engineering-product org for faster delivery Would you spend 25% of your first fundraise on one hire?  How about returning your first cheque from your first client just because you know they do not fit your product? And when that cheque is for $100,000?  These are just some of the high-risk but, […]

Radhika P Nair
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The 3 mistakes of my startup, with Srikrishnan Ganesan of Rocketlane

This is the first of a series of interviews we are doing for SaaSBoomi.  The premise is simple: We ask some of our most successful entrepreneurs the three mistakes they made when starting up—the ones they would like to revisit and perhaps change. The intent is to learn from the mistakes our successful entrepreneurs have […]

Sairam Krishnan
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Our SaaS Stack and how we got almost every tool for free

We are a six-people company, and we use more than Forty different SaaS tools. For a new startup in the startup desert landscape, funds are like water — they’re essential commodities which must not be used until you get to the next oasis. Everything you do to conserve your funds increases your chances of getting […]

Ankit Pansari
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Winning the new normal: Armando Mann

A few weeks after Covid19 was declared a pandemic, as part of the SaaSBoomi initiative, some of India’s top SaaS entrepreneurs got together to discuss strategies for companies to steer through the crisis. A few weeks further in, at the SaaSBoomii growth summit, we got together to discuss how to thrive in the new world, notwithstanding […]

Jayadevan P K
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What every startup founder needs to learn from Star Trek

A stoic, calm, logical, level-headed character, seldom shaken by emotions… working with a charismatic, headstrong, passionate, emotional character wildly popular among his folk… It doesn’t require genius to guess that I’m describing the iconic duo Spock and Captain Kirk. For the uninitiated, these two are protagonists of Star Trek, one of the most culturally-influential media […]

Arvind Parthiban