BTS Marketing S1 E12

Zabardast Depositioning & Category Creation

23 Dec 2022

In this Episode, our hosts Varun and Arvind have a virtual sit down with Naveen Goyal, CEO and Founder of NoPaperForms.  

NoPaperForms is the India’s largest and most advanced SaaS based Enrolment Automation Platform enabling educational institutions to unlock their potential i.e. Attract, Engage, and Grow their Enrolments. Serving 1000+ customers, NoPaperForms, today, is the de facto choice for anyone in education, looking to grow – be it Preschool to K-12, Higher Education to Online Degrees, Coaching & Training Institutes to EdTech.  

Varun and Arvind explore Naveen’s journey of founding NoPaperForms and his insights on the way he’s structured his marketing org, unifying sub-functions, de-positioning the CRM viewpoint and addressing the problem statement head on. Naveen also shares why and how he went about commencing the 100 day challenge across the firm.  

Listen on as this trio share some valuable insights and learn from each other’s experiences.  
Happy watching! 

About the host

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Naveen Goyal

Founder & CEO, NoPaperForms
Key Takeaways

1:18 Welcome and Introduction to NoPaperForms

3:23 NoPaperForms Marketing Org Chart 

7:54 Aligning Product, Marketing & Sales

9:06 One-man marketing magician? 

11:53 100 people in 100 days challenge

18:06 De-positioning the CRM and addressing the problem statement

20:34 Positioning the enrolment process

24:08 Unification of the product

26:49 Introducing the enrolment cloud to the market

30:14 Brand Identity and positioning

34:20 Newspaper campaign through Covid

39:27 NoPaperForms uses Paper

46:25 Psychology, brand retention & conversion

49:10 Rapid fire round

54:19 Conclusion

Key Mentions

15:20 Suraj Sapra – Co-founder, NoPaperForms

21:21 SRM University, Vellore Institute of Technology

30:52 Apple

31:07 VolvoTesla

31:15 MercedesBMW

32:47 Leadsquared

32:55 Extraaedge

33:40 Girish M – Founder & CEO, Freshworks

40:03 Ashish Tulsian – Co-founder & CEO, Posist