Scale and StartUp Stories S1 E17

What makes Hasura the next big thing in Indian SaaS

16 Dec 2020

It’s refreshing to track a new breed of India SaaS companies focused on building tools for software developers and programmers globally. While BrowserStack is on track to achieve $100 million ARR soon, there’s Postman, and then, there’s Hasura.

This is what makes tracking India SaaS so fulfilling and thrilling for storytellers like me.

Unlike the past waves of IT outsourcing and the rise of India’s e-commerce startups, the country’s SaaS ecosystem offers variety and there are so many potential winners.

Hasura’s founders Tanmai Gopal and Rajoshi Ghosh combine their passion for deep engineering with their ability to build great products. Launched in 2017, Hasura already counts SoftBank Robotics, one of Spain’s largest banks–BBVA, and several global companies among its top customers.

Early in the journey, they made a bold pivot by killing the cash-rich consulting business to build a product.

With Hasura, Tanmai and Rajoshi are also riding an early wave.

“It’s like when Mongo was starting and people were like, well  this doesn’t make any sense, but you know, Mongo became popular or when virtualization was happening and AWS was happening, it was like the cloud doesn’t make any sense but it happened,” Tanmai tells me in this podcast.

“Hasura is in that kind of exciting but scary class of things that it can be category creating. A product like Hasura has not existed before. It is a weird product. It makes you hyper productive, but it is a shift in architecture and that means that when Hasura is everywhere, people will assume that it is the right way to do things, but the journey to doing that is obviously the most painful journey in the world.”

In this episode of SaaSBOOMi Podcast, Tanmai shares the backstory, and how they are building Hasura, tool by tool.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about how Hasura is helping developers make sense of big data and preparing for a world where programming will go mainstream in schools. This conversation also offers insights into building a deep engineering startup and catching a wave early on.

About the host

Pankaj Mishra

Founder , FactorDaily

This episode’s guest

Tanmay Gopal

Founder , Hasura