BTS Marketing S1 E4

Re-thinking enterprise SaaS marketing with Nivedha Sridhar of Facilio

04 Feb 2022

When you’re in enterprise SaaS and your target customers are not mainly online, how will you go about setting up an inbound marketing engine?

Facilio operates in a multibillion dollar facility management industry & has operations across continents, serving customers from small real estate groups to conglomerates. Its solutions are flexible & modular to improve margins across real estate verticals.

The role of marketing in enterprise SaaS is bit underrated. It requires a lot of understanding of the market dynamics, identifying key players, getting the messaging right & communicating the value proposition of the product. Since, sales muscle is often used as a GTM strategy, subtle marketing can add a lot of value & complement it with a soft push.

Tune in to BTS podcast E4 with Nivedha Sridhar (Director – Marketing, Facilio) who also had joined them as their founding marketing team member.

About the host

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Nivedha Sridhar

Director - Marketing , Facilio
Key Takeaways

Here’s more takeaways from the episode

  • Category awareness and urgency matrix
  • Why buy – why buy now – why buy us – matrix
  • Secret sauce of content marketing for enterprise SaaS
  • How did they get million dollar deals via inbound marketing
  • Winning the whales: Hacks to build credibility and close large deals
  • Building website that speak enterprise SaaS
  • 3 content types that your marketing funnel shouldn’t omit
  • Website design as an edge in enterprise SaaS
  • Winning the whales: Hacks to build credibility and close large deals
  • Cracking the ICP identification framework
  • Acquiring the first 10 customers

Tune in for more insights, happy listening!