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    Abhishek Ballabh

    Co-founder , ExtraaEdge


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    Arvind Parthiban

    Co-founder & CEO , SuperOps.ai
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    Varun Shoor

    Founder & ex-CEO , Kayako

ExtraaEdge is an early start-up founded in 2016, currently powering 350+ Educational Institutes with the cloud computing solution. Founded by Abhishek Ballabh (ex. HSBC Data Scientist) & Sushil Mundada (ex. HSBC – Lead BA & CRM Architect) ExtraaEdge delivers all the required tools for End-to-End automation of admissions processes. With their combined passion for education and knowledge expertise in Data and CRM, they contribute by developing ExtraaEdge.

In this episode, Varun and Arvind explore Abhishek Ballabh’s journey of founding ExtraaEdge and his experience of SaaSBOOMi’s SGx program. Abhishek shares various marketing insights and anecdotes about his journey so far and how his new found “yoda-mindset” has taken him and his company from a primarily hustle-driven outbound sales company to now being predominantly inbound marketing-driven organization.

Listen on as this trio share some great insights and banter.

Key Take aways

0:41 Welcome and Introduction to Abhishek Ballabh & ExtraaEdge

2:59 CAGR Banter

4:03 Marketing Org Chart

7:17 Desi Perception of Marketing & Sales

8:41 Coupling the effects of SGx and Covid

10:18 Lessons learnt in SGx put to practice

11:43 SGx – Growth Vipassana for entrepreneurs 

12:44 Who reports to Marketing?

19:58 Founder Branding

21:20 Channeling one’s Yoda-mindset

22:49 Being the face of the brand

26:55 ExtraaEdge’s transformation Pre and Post SGx

30:41 Apple’s DRI concept 

31:56 Transformation from Outbound Hustle to Inbound Marathon

36:28 First International client through ABM

41:57 Maximizing MarTech through ExtraaEdge Certification Academy

48:46 Being synonymous with your industry

49:47 Stacking Marketing Dominoes across the prospects journey

52:10 The push and pull of Marketing & Sales

53:39 Founder being a student of Marketing & Conclusion

Key Mentions

1:48  HSBC  

2:09 Mindtickle  

4:41 Jessica Livingston, Paul GrahamY Combinator  

6:30 Sushil Mundada  

6:43 SaaSBOOMi Growth X program  

8:25 Sachin Bhatia  

20:20 Niti Ratnaparkhi  

20:58 Yoda (Star Wars)  

30:16 Apple 

30:18 Steve Jobs  

36:52 Ankit Oberoi & Ad Pushup  

37:20 Bits Pilani Dubai 

39:35 Nikhil Sutar  

43:46 Career Guide  

48:01 Robert Cialdini  

48:47 Almabase  

Happy watching! ✨