BTS Marketing S1 E2

Experiments-led Business Building with Laxman Papineni of Outplay

19 Nov 2021

Welcome to the second episode of BTS Podcast – Experiments-led Business Building.

In this episode we have Laxman Papineni – CEO & Co-founder, Outplay joining as guest. SaaSBOOMi BTS podcast is hosted by Arvind Parthiban (Co-founder & CEO, and Varun Shoor (Founder, Kayako).

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode.

  • What’s the secret ingredient to making half a million dollars with a Gmail, spreadsheet and a network of bloggers?
  • How to growth-hack side hustles into full blown businesses?
  • Secrets of building trust and relationships
  • How do you decide to let go of fantastic revenue generating businesses to focus on something new?
  • Why did they decide to hit $20k ARR before fundraising?
  • Why did they get bored of making enough money?
  • How to make money while you sleep?
  • How do you make people refer more?
  • How to generate limitless customer-generated content?
  • How to leverage case study marketing?
  • Why will someone shut down a business that has a revenue of $2-3mn?
  • What’re the classic items which first time founders overlook?
  • How to go about building a business in a crowded market?
  • Signals to look for when evaluating a new business : hard lessons from 5 years.
  • Checklist to pick up an idea for a startup
  • Why Outplay and what’s the strategy when you’re going behind big players?
  • How to do investor marketing and raise funds in 6-7 days?
  • How to hack and get CXOs attention?
  • What’s to be the no.1 goal for all pre-PMF and just after PMF companies?
  • What’s the advice to an entrepreneur setting up their marketing engine?
  • What’s one go to source on learning more on marketing?

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About the host

Arvind Parthiban

Co-Founder and CEO,

Varun Shoor

Founder, Kayako

This episode’s guest

Laxman Papineni

Co-Founder & CEO, Outplay