The Base Pass

As an early stage startup, you are either just starting out, getting the PMF right, or have crossed the $1M ARR milestone.

Now is the time to get the foundations right. Don’t reinvent what others have mastered. We have foundational sessions focused on providing tactical insights for your stage.

Also this year, we have more investors for 1:1s. We have blind dates with VCs so that you meet more of them outside 1:1 settings.

You have built a strong base. Now is the time to get stocked up with tactics and wisdom, right before the scale journey starts.

We heard your feedback:

Curated sessions are meant for ‘scaled startups’ and are not available for Base Pass Holders. If you are above $2M ARR and want to attend curated sessions meant for scaled startups, you can now do that.

Note: Choose the ‘Scale Pass’ only if you are above $2M and are likely to hit $5M ARR in the next 18 months