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Program managing the brilliant minds of SaaS

As a SaaSBoomi Fellow, and on my own parallel journey of building, I’ve been getting a peek into how founders shoulder massive responsibilities, think and execute in their daily life.

Nivedha Venkatesh
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SaasBoomi 2024 Chennai – What I learnt and discovered

Here’s what I learnt and discovered at the SaasBoomi Annual 24 event in Chennai, India.

Karthik Chidambaram
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The power of branding your business right

SaaS companies have been investing and reaping the rewards of good branding as they scale and expand.

Sahil Aggarwal
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Empowering your business with an advisory board

For a business, having a strong board of advisors is critical. This rule applies to new founders and seasoned ones. There are a few considerations when identifying your advisory board.

Aayush Ghosh Choudhury
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ARR/FTE as *a* metric for India SaaS

A few days ago, I wrote about the need for Indian SaaS companies to get into the mindset of judicious hiring. SaaS startups saw the highest number of job cuts in 2023, which was widely reported.  You sometimes hear of a metric called ARR/FTE as a metric to track and maintain efficiency in a SaaS business. And for […]

Dev Khare
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Capillary Will Not Give Up

As Capillary turns 15, I am reminded of a story from my childhood. This story is over 2,000 years old but it resonates with me every day. When the water in the pond began to diminish, the frogs that lived in it had two choices. Stay in familiar waters and wait for the rain, or […]

Avinash Raghava
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The secret to a good community

Over the past few years, the world is going through an interesting time. Business models have been challenged, the way we think about growth is changing and that means the way we build our companies has to evolve as well. Recently, we’ve seen a few interesting community-led companies bloom. Hubspot, Figma, and Duolingo are three […]

Avinash Raghava
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The ultimate playbook for hiring after $2m ARR

Disprz raised a bridge round of funding in January this year to go to the next level of scaling its AI-powered learning management and upskilling platform for enterprises. This will bring new challenges in hiring and internationalization. But for CEO and co-founder Subramanian Viswanathan, the inflection point for hiring came between 2019 and 2020, when […]

Sumit Chakraberty
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Unbox Delight – An Insider for SaaS Startups from Leading Silicon Valley CIOs

SaaSBoomi Caravan kicked off this week, starting with a CIO Panel discussion on September 20th with leading SaaS CIOs from the valley. Carter Busse from Workato, Eric Tan from Coupa, Klarissa Marenitch from Hippo Insurance, and Prasad Ramakrishnan from Freshworks offered an insider perspective on their experiences of buying and using SaaS products, plus some […]

Rahul Arora