Founder’s Deep Dive S1 E2

Signing into 35000 companies with Sunil Patro of SignEasy

06 Oct 2021

SignEasy helps companies to sign, send and manage all sorts of documents and is being used by over 8 million users (out of which 150K are paying customers) and 35,000 companies spread across 100 countries.

Millions of users and downloads is quite usual in game apps and other consumer apps. Listen to SignEasy’s story of millions of users and downloads as a B2B app, how they started providing a SaaS product as a mobile app, instead of as a web app.

Pick up interesting insights on consumer behaviour as Suresh explores the idea behind SignEasy and go deep into thoughts shaping the product – on why someone will pay to sign on a document, the connection between mobile and documents which is non obvious, the conviction behind it, the dynamics involved considering document signing has to be accepted by two parties, the distinction between iOS and android users and more.

Sunil also shares his thoughts on how they leveraged mobile app stores ecosystem, developer relations, on bootstrapping and fundraising.

Tune in to learn on how they’re generating 100k+ downloads per month, how their pricing evolved via lifetime deals, free trials, freemium, and more.

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About the host

Suresh Sambandam

CEO, Kissflow

This episode’s guest

Sunil Patro

Founder & CEO, Signeasy