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    Rushabh Mehta

    Founder & CEO , ERPNext


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    Pankaj Mishra

    Founder , FactorDaily

Great ecosystems are built on building blocks that are diverse and bring different communities and ideologies together. Homogenous building blocks create commoditised environments with absolutely short-lived differentiation and a common race to the bottom.

India’s SaaS ecosystem brings enough diversity in terms of business models and products, even ideologies, to keep storytellers like me excited and interested in people who make it.

Rushabh Mehta, this week’s guest on the SaaSBOOMi podcast, underscores the diversity in India SaaS as I mentioned above. In a world focused on B2BSaaS products joining the battle of the proprietary platforms, ERPNext, offers one of the world’s only open source ERP.

It’s a path not many have taken because it’s not financially rewarding and bootstrapping isn’t a choice–there’s no other way.

Rushabh and his company Frappe Technologies have some amazing insights about building a company based on the First Principles.

Listen to this podcast to learn from ERPNext and Rushabh’s journey how to build a community and not just a company. And doing all that based on the First Principles that include no sales targets or incentives, and a truly non-hierarchical organization.

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