Badminton League


Badminton League 2023 is now over. Follow us on X and LinkedIn to be the first to know when we open up registrations for the tournament next.


An exciting badminton tournament for SaaS founders and their teams

Date & Venue

June 3, 2023 at the Padukone – Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence, Bangalore

Winners (Less than 40 Age category)

Women’s Singles

Winner Shameem (Cirrologix)

Runner-up Priyam (Increff)

Men’s Singles

Winner Ashutosh (PaddleBoat)

Runner-up Hari Krishnan (Yellow Owl)

Women’s Doubles

Winner Amrutha (Camcom Tech) & Dhanalakshmi (Camcom Tech)

Runner-up Aiswarya (Freshworks) & Keerthana (Freshworks)

Men’s Doubles

Winner Ashutosh (PaddleBoat) & Harsh (PaddleBoat)

Runner-up Ishan (Increff) & Prabal (Increff)

Mixed Doubles

Winner Sam Kingsley (Freshworks) & Keerthana (Freshworks)

Runner-up Mithilesh (Zluri) & Divya (Zluri)

Winners (Greater than 40 Age category)

Women’s Singles

Winner Archita (Mobisy)

Runner-up Sheeba (FirstHive)

Men’s Singles

Winner Biplove (TechTree IT)

Runner-up Rajul (Increff)

Men’s Doubles

Winner Jayendran ( Prudent AI) & Srikanth ( Prudent.AI)

Runner-up Anurag (Increff) & Rajul (Increff)

180+ founders and operators came together for a full day of fierce competition and a ton of fun! Here are some details of what went down at the Badminton League 2023!

Guru Prassanna

Blue Copa
“The entire experience of SaaSBoomi Badminton League 2023 was great since it was planned and organized very well. As a first time participant, I had absolutely nothing to worry about since the team had covered everything in terms of hospitality and event day experience. Also super glad to see a lot of advanced and professional-level badminton players in all categories across both age groups. Must say it’s a lot tougher to win the SBL than to raise funding at this time.


“With good networking and some great badminton, SaaSBoomi Badminton League 2023 was a blast. We had a great time there with our fellow SaaS colleagues. The tournament was well organized with neatly maintained courts, good food and a great atmosphere overall! Thanks to SaasBoomi for organizing this and we look forward to next year!”

SaaS leaders ❤️ SaaSBoomi

Event Categories*













*Provided there are enough participants in each category

Volunteers for 2023

Aishwarya Thilak

Manager, Global Talent Management, Freshworks

Anand Kumar Sengottaiyan

Founding Member, Dataflo

Anirudh Gopinath

Co-Founder, Zceppa

Prajna Chandra Arikathota

Operations Manager, SaaSBoomi

Raghu Ramanathan

Co-Founder, QwikBus

Ralph Vaz

CEO, Pathfix

Ranga Jagannath

Sr Director, Agora