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To open (or) not to open this email? I leave the decision to you! | LOL 😆

Before we move ahead, I’d like to sincerely appreciate the way that y’all have received LOL (Learn Out Loud). Your replies truly overwhelmed and energized me to keep becoming the best version of myself.

I shall, forever, owe a large chunk of this transformation to you guys. 🫶

In my previous newsletter, I dropped my guard and shared some thoughts about getting used to being a CEO.

Well, am I used to being one now?
Not completely, but I’m definitely at a better place.

My learnings from last month have all been about decision making. As a CEO, I’ve realized that some decisions (good and bad) ought to be taken. It’s how the org and its teams progress and there’s no other path a CEO can tread.

Making a decision is inevitable, just like how you decided to open and read this email. 😉


From my official planner:

✅ Pitch the India SaaS mission to more VCs. The response so far has been amazing and we’ve tripled our partnerships already (7 to 20+).

✅ Continue to work on the AI perspectives that came up during the first general council meeting. The future is challenging yet very exciting.

✅ Explore building a DevTool community within SaaSBOOMii. It stands as the most favourable vertical to AI and even more so to us with Niv (our new part-time member) joining our family to lead the efforts.

✅ Build more momentum for the chapter events that are already taking-off through dedicated volunteers who’re leading the show in their respective cities.

✅ Align plans and recheck the take-off parameters, as we gear up for the 2nd edition of the SaaSBOOMi Caravan, at the Bay Area.


From my personal journal:

🔖 8th June, 2023 – My first in-person meeting with SaaSBOOMi’s Governance Council was eye-opening at many levels. The discussions on how AI will be impacting companies and how we can help them stay relevant with the changing times unveiled our true ethos of being a community for the founders, by the founders. I’m truly fortunate to be in an org structure that’s effortlessly selfless.

🔖 9th June, 2023 – SaaSBOOMi’s first-ever short film went live and nothing could have made my day better. What an extraordinary team, what an extraordinary narrative. Here’s to the undying India SaaS energy!

🔖 10th June, 2023 – Networked with ~10 founders at Vymo’s workspace in Bangalore, as we hosted a roundtable to help founders who’ve crossed $10 million in revenue to steer the course ahead. We turned the tables later that Saturday, as Suresh Sambandam addressed early-stage startup founders to help eliminate roadblocks hindering startups from reaching PMF. It’s very astonishing to witness the dynamic needs of the ecosystem that can sometimes be at the opposite ends of a scale.

🔖 12th June, 2023 – Beginning my Monday after a refreshing offsite in Goa, where the 4th cohort of companies graduated out of SaaSBOOMi’s SGx. Our pay-it-forward philosophy in #SGx works at a truly extraordinary level. Every startup is assigned with 2 mentors who individually spend 50+ hours, across 16 weeks, without expecting anything in return. Not to forget the equal value that both funded and bootstrapped startups have seen through SGx. May this camaraderie shine brighter than ever!

🔖 26th June, 2023 – Back home after a 4-day trip to Mumbai and Pune, where I got the opportunity to meet ~24 founders. I did around 8-10 one-to-one meetings a day with the goal of identifying new startups and activating the chapter operations in these cities. This is when I met Deepak Dhanak and his wonderful DocuX team. I was truly stoked to see their understanding of the problem statement and how they are solving it. It’s always a special feeling to uncover such hidden gems in SaaS. And I sincerely hope that these discoveries never stop.

🔖 30th June, 20233 – It’s a lovely feeling to see our chapters and their respective volunteers across India truly walking the talk. It’s the first time in the history of SaaSBOOMi that I’m seeing 3 fantastic playbooks being planned across 3 different cities (Chennai, Jaipur, and Pune), on the very same day. If this doesn’t define a community, I’m not sure what will! 🙌

Okay, I think I’ve typed enough, as always! 😅

Leaving y’all with a gentle reminder to the unveiling event of our landscape report in Bangalore, later this month. At the event, we will delve into the recent AI disruptions, how they redefine the SaaS model, bring forth new opportunities, and a lot more.
India SaaS is at an unstoppable pace and there are more than a handful of reasons to suggest why. Can’t wait to discover them alongside you.

Let’s keep punching above our weights!


Avinash Raghava
Founding Volunteer & CEO, SaaSBOOMi