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Announcing SaaSBOOMi’s Regional Chapters

Globally Connected, Locally Empowered

Announcing SaaSBOOMi’s Regional Chapters

At SaaSBOOMi, we believe that great things happen when people come together. That's why our regional chapters aren't just a collection of individual communities, but rather a closely connected network of SaaS founders, industry experts, and partners who collaborate and share resources to drive the future of SaaS.

Although each chapter has its own unique flavour and focus, we work together to ensure that our members benefit from a truly collaborative ecosystem of support. From deep-dive playbook sessions to expert outreach panels and wellness activities, our chapters provide a range of opportunities for learning, growth, and relaxation.

Breaking New Ground

Breaking New GroundChapters driving impact with unique initiatives

NCR & Jaipur are organizing a job fair
to connect talented professionals with exciting job opportunities in the SaaS industry. The fair will include a mix of established companies and early-stage startups, providing a range of options for job seekers.
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Chennai & Mumbai are organising a founder exchange program
where members from one chapter visit another chapter's region and spend a few days working with other SaaS founders to learn from their experiences and share insights
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Surat & Rajkot are organizing a ChatGPT hackathon
to bring together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to work on new ideas and solutions for success of SaaS
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The Backbone of SaaSBOOMi

Recognizing Our Top Volunteers

We are proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of some of our top volunteers from across the regions, who have gone above and beyond to drive impact, create value, and build a stronger SaaS community.

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