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If someone told you being a CEO is an 8-hour job, then someone lied! | LOL 😆

Hope your hustling is at optimum levels.

Before you ask, mine’s gone haywire over the past month. And probably why this would be my shortest newsletter so far. 😜

So let me not beat around the bush here. I love SaaSBOOMi and everything that comes with it. Nothing could’ve made me happier than becoming its first-ever CEO. It still feels surreal and exciting.

I know this excites you to an extent as well. It’s probably why you think I’m walking the talk just fine.

But here’s the thing 🤜 I do get frustrated and fried at work. I make mistakes and some decisions that are sloppy. There are days when new ideas and the zeal to build further just doesn’t happen. There are days where there’s so much on the table. So much, that the table is no longer visible! 😂

What’s worse? This pressure transcends to our staff, making them feel overwhelmed. Their calendars are slammed and so are their to-do lists.

But I guess all of this is part of growth. Somewhere in this haywire which lasts way more than 8 hours a day, I see a rewire that’s happening.

Easing things for the people I work with is perhaps the best that I can do for now. And in time, I trust that this will ease me as well. 💯


From my official planner:

✅ Hire a couple of more full-time staff who can help reduce the current team’s heavy lifting.

✅ Continue to encourage chapter-driven volunteering and the responsibilities that come along.

Special Mention: The NCR Chapter led by Aastha Sharma has been doing a killer job. Personally, I’d love to see the same energy spreading to other cities as well.

✅ Execute the on-ground set pieces, as our team soon lands at the Bay Area for the 2nd edition of the SaaSBOOMi Caravan.


From my personal journal:

🔖 16th July, 2023 – Just returned from the beautiful city of Bhopal after hearing stories from 12 Indian bootstrapped startups which do a combined revenue of $100 million in ARR. It was an atmosphere that truly fueled a lot of bonding, thereby defining a safe space to share their learnings and challenges. I must say, what an amazing time it is for India Saas alongside SaaSBOOMi!

🔖 19th July, 2023 – It was a beautiful Wednesday well spent at Bangalore. My 1-to-1 with Shashank ND of Practo helped me to further cement the reasons why I regularly choose to have conversations with founders, as part of the community building process. Shashank’s calmness and clarity of thought truly reflects when you meet him. His ability to navigate the everyday rough tides and be away from the spotlight of Practo’s growth is just impeccable.

🔖 23rd July, 2023 – Flying back home to Delhi after completing the 3rd Jagah retreat at Kshemavana in Bangalore, where 25+ founders came together and talked about their well-being. Mental well-being is paramount for founders. Empowering them to build their startups with a healthy mind and unlocking their truest potential via Jagah is probably the musing that I’ll be most proud about!

🔖 28th July, 2023 – We introduced Bangalore’s SaaS enthusiasts to our Gen AI disruption checklist, fueling growth via a chessboard of 400+ use-cases. Interacted with 200+ members who took part in the biggest unveiling that presented the changing landscape of SaaS. Last evening made me realize why we would never give up on organising in-person events. The energy was unparalleled!
That’s all I have for you today. Continue staying awesome, as always.
Until next time, this is your most vulnerable CEO, signing off! 🤓
P. S. – My deepest to gratitude to my teammates – Amrutha, Malavika, and PC. These are my everyday parachute packers who help me make a soft landing, despite my vulnerabilities. I just can’t stop if I start bragging about the work they do!


Avinash Raghava
Founding Volunteer & CEO, SaaSBOOMi

⚠️ Disclaimer

This was Learn Out Loud (LOL), my monthly newsletter to all of SaaSBOOMi’s key stakeholders, ecosystem partners and governing members, where I share excerpts from both my official planner and personal journal.

I’m pouring all my heart into this. Unlike the big guns with a “no-reply” email address, you are welcome to reply to this email. I will read it and try my best to respond to you.