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I belong to the era of passing school without Google’s help! | LOL 😆

Happy Teacher’s Day! 🙂

Before you begin to wonder why I wished you, let me affirm that myself and academics are poles apart. I was and still am that child who’ll face a nervous wreckage if brought into a classroom setup.

I did not make my teachers proud, but somehow managed to pass. Pass without an iota of help from Google😉

However, SaaSBoomi might be the only classroom where such perils don’t unfold. A classroom under the shade of a huge tree where people aren’t afraid of sharing their stories, their trysts with both success and failure, and a lot more; making all of us a teacher to one another. This edition of LOL is my ode to that spirit and an excuse to deviate from my usual template.

🎒 I somehow managed to feature 25 exceptional leaders under the series – #JeenaIsiKaNaamHain. Every individual here possesses a unique leadership style that has impacted me beyond imagination. It’s these people who laid the foundations of my ability to network and build communities that go beyond their functional vision and form lifetime relationships.

🎒 I also managed to record 25 resilient founder journeys under the series – #TheGritStories. Reliving their stories helped me derive new imperatives to go beyond all odds and face challenges with my head held high. What emerges from these harsh tides are ripples of a new beginning, a new version of oneself who’s unstoppable and finds direction in an endless sea

🎒 The #ScaledFoundersRetreat that happened last week was nostalgic at so many levels. 7 years ago, a bunch of SaaS founders had gathered at this exact venue in Bangalore, for the exact same retreat, for the exact same reason – to share knowledge and impart learning without any filters. Teaching and imparting knowledge truly works in mysterious ways, bringing the right people together.

🎒 Not to forget the 2nd edition of #SaaSBoomiCaravan that’s all set to unfold at the Bay Area, in a few days from now. Cut away from the usual agenda of attending marquee events like SaaStr Annual and the networking meets that surround it, we were able to cause a shift in the ecosystem mindset. A shift that now defines the agenda as a 7-day retreat that will host ~225 founders travelling from India to the US with the true spirit of paying it forward.

Special Mention: Every chapter in SaaSBoomi has a superhero and a bunch of sidekicks who excel in their mission to take #IndiaSaaS to the rest of the world. Priya Ramachandran has been our superhero for the SaaSBoomi Caravan. My deepest gratitude for all the knowledge and value we’ve gained through her in making the SaaSBoomi Caravan our second biggest flagship event, in such a short span of time.

I’ll probably stop here and leave you with another thought.

Remember the good old school days? Teachers who just wanted to share knowledge expecting only one thing in return >> your academic excellence and a bright future that is bound to follow. They hoped for the same from every student, every batch, every year, often standing beside the same blackboard as we successfully kept moving farther and farther away, towards new horizons.

I get emotional at this thought every single time. But then I think about SaaSBoomi! 💡

A large classroom filled with many teachers and students.
A classroom that leaves no one behind.
A classroom that makes every student a teacher.

Always remember, when one teaches, two learn. 🙃


Avinash Raghava

Founding Volunteer & CEO, SaaSBOOMi