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Applications are currently closed for SaaSBOOMi Fellowship Program

The SaaSBOOMi Fellowship

The SaaSBOOMi Fellowship Program opens the door to young, entrepreneurial minds to gain an early, insider track to this fast-growing, fast-changing world of Indian SaaS. The fellows bring in fresh ideas, are open to experimentation, can engage with experts, and lead initiatives independently. They believe and support the mission of Indian SaaS, and learn and grow exponentially themselves, with hands-on practical insights and a ringside view of the revolution.

We exist to help founders and their companies grow and change the world. We help them build the future of SaaS with a robust support system, valuable connections, and actionable playbooks from their peers. We have created safe spaces for founders to be open, transparent, and vulnerable. Here, founders build together, discuss their work, share knowledge, and help one another connect the dots. The fellows will be embedded into all of this.

The most unique aspect of SaaSBOOMi is its pay-it-forward ethos. Founders, volunteers, and fellows have a culture of giving before receiving. We deeply empathize with the entrepreneur and are guided by respect for the entrepreneur and the startup-building process. If you are a giver at heart and find the idea of working closely with founders who are building the future of Indian SaaS enriching and exciting, this fellowship is meant for you.

About SaaSBOOMi

SaaSBOOMi is a close-knit community of B2B SaaS founders from India. Idea-stage technology companies to bootstrapped giants and VC-backed unicorns are all part of our community, which now has a full-fledged US Chapter as well.

Founded by India’s best SaaS founders, SaaSBOOMi activities are volunteer-driven. That is, the founders themselves design and lead events, peer-to-peer learning sessions, mentorship programs, and so on, aimed to accelerate the growth of community members with specific support and guidance from shared experiences of tactics and mistakes. The vision is for India to become a dominant force in global SaaS, with its founders working together like a wolf pack.

Duration & Pay

It’s a 12-month fellowship program, extendable to 24 months. Compensation of Rs 50,000 per month will be provided to fresh graduates/those with up to two years of work experience. For those with more experience, the pay will be negotiated.

The first four weeks will be for familiarization with the existing initiatives of SaaSBOOMi, identifying opportunities to execute them better, and conceptualizing new initiatives aligned with the foundation’s objectives. The next 11 / 23 months will be spent in executing strategic initiatives. The fellows will be empowered to take ownership but provided with all the support and guidance they need.

The roles & responsibilities of the fellows will include one or more of the following

Build relationships online and offline, through conversations as well as development and use of tech tools and products. This requires precise communication and collaborative leadership.

Engage with the community on multiple channels and platforms, and help community members engage purposefully with one another. This requires being open-minded to learn what founders need at every stage of their startup marathon.

Be a facilitator for founder-leaders and volunteers to ideate, plan, and execute events, mentorship programs, and various initiatives. This requires homework, self-study, and being proactive.

Support the building of a repository of best-in-class SaaS content in blogs, podcasts, newsletters, reports, and books. Bring creativity to social media outreach to amplify SaaSBOOMi content. Language and communication skills, with an interest in diving deep into SaaS, will be key attributes for this.

Support and take charge of documentation as an efficient system of record. Facility with tech tools and an organized mind will be required.

Support logistics and other operations to keep the wheels rolling smoothly as we proceed on multiple tracks. Facility with tech tools, an internal clock for deadlines, and being able to give timely nudges to service providers will be required.

Suitable Candidates

  • Fresh graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset looking to get hands-on with the nitty-gritties of building startups
  • Students / professionals from abroad on a sabbatical, wanting grassroots experience of building a very large scale innovative tech community in India.
  • Young professionals from workplaces where they got a taste for community-building or a yearning to be entrepreneurs
  • People with the strengths and passion to make a difference to the rise of the Indian SaaS startup ecosystem.

To join our team, you should be excited to

Build fast. We’re just four years old, but already have hundreds of events under our belt, in a community of 3000+ founders and 125+ volunteers.

Create the best pay-it-forward community in the global SaaS ecosystem.

Immerse yourself into - and have a strong voice for - the community.

Execute community experiments. Run events. We want to run the process like a product-centric org.

Measure the efficacy of all initiatives.

Connect & converse with many, many people.

Work with highly passionate and diverse founders and volunteers.

Develop an empathy with founders.

Develop a collaborative mindset and become a lifelong learner.

Be a doer

SaaSBOOMi culture

  • We are a community of founders, for founders, by founders.
  • We are led by a deep-rooted respect for the founder.
  • We are a safe space.
  • We give. We pay it forward.
  • We are all different, we recognize that, and we win.
  • We believe in the future of SaaS.
  • Growth. Friends. Forever.
  • We do it for the team.

Apply by Email

Interested candidates can apply by sending an email to [email protected], with their CV and answers to the following questions:

  • 1/ What excites you about being a SaaSBOOMi fellow?
  • 2/ Why do you think you will be a good SaaSBOOMi fellow?
  • 3/ How would you like to improve SaaSBOOMi?

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