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SaaSBOOMi Caravan ’24

Founder’s Playbooks. Practitioner’s Workshops. Industry Connects. Investor 1-on-1s. Unconferences. Friends forever.

If you are venturing into the US market, that’s a six-pack to raise your chances of success in a competitive environment. Because we know it can be a grueling experience without the support of a pay-it-forward community.

Early bird pricing for Caravan ’23 attendees: $400 / per person
Super early bird tickets for new attendees at $600 / per person

The overwhelming love for SaaSBoomi Caravan ‘23 has us opening up registrations for the ‘24 edition a year in advance! And we want to do even better in ‘24. We have gathered all your feedback and suggestions, and we will give thought to where we can be more useful to founders in their US GTM.

We have increased the ticket price to $1000 per person to try and cover our costs for the next edition. We’re currently allowing only the delegates from Caravan ‘23 to register and pay for the Super Early Bird tickets - at a 60% discount for $400.

The ticket price rise is to enable us to curate an amazing experience for the founder community. We want to bring in paid speakers, create a conducive setting, and do everything we can for you to make the best use of your time.

The US GTM field trip has six tracks

Tactical learning workshop-style

The US GTM playbooks - from brand-building and selling to finding PMF and AI adoption, we have 20 hours devoted to tactical learning workshop-style on the 7-day Caravan. Deep-diving into relevant topics with experts and practitioners is one of the most valued SaaSBoomi activities.


VC Connect, M&A Connect, and Enterprise Connect aim to match-make founders and key stakeholders of the SaaS ecosystem. It could be a Fortune 500 company who wants to assess a participating founder’s product, or a VC partner or potential acquirer who aligns with the startup’s North Star.


Intimate networking sessions to facilitate knowledge-sharing among SaaS leaders who share common interests. The sessions will be designed for one-on-one interactions or small group discussions. The objectives are to foster learning, mentorship, partnership, and the exchange of strategies among participants.

Showcase/Group commerce

This aims to give founders opportunities to find their first customers, early adopters, or sounding boards, and get great feedback. It showcases a newly developed product or service from a startup. Visual aids and interactive elements demo the unique features, benefits, and value proposition of the product.

Inspiration & Thought Leadership

We are driven by stories. They move, inspire, and touch us in ways nothing else can. We’re organizing candid talks from leaders who have been there, done that. These will stay with founders through their entrepreneurship journeys. They will feature on the last day with a SaaSBoomi summit on the rise of India SaaS.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! You need a peer community, a friends’ circle, with whom you connect deeply. Cricket, mixers, hikes, and dinners will form lasting relationships. We will also create an exclusive WA group for just the Caravan ‘23 attendees to stay connected beyond these 8 packed days.

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Why attend SaaSBOOMi Caravan?


Find out how to build a startup that cements its position in the global landscape


Leverage business models unique to India to scale your startup in the US


Meet & learn from some of the smartest SaaS minds in the world

Who should attend?


Startups in the $100K-10 million ARR


Growth stage Valley-based founders looking to leverage India

Early & Growth stage investors

Early & Growth stage investors with a focus on SaaS and Cross border founders

Bay Area Execs

Execs. of growth-stage SaaS startups in the Bay area

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For US-based founders,
investors, or mentors

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