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The power of branding your business right

SaaS companies have been investing and reaping the rewards of good branding as they scale and expand.

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SaaSBoomi Awards 2023 – SaaS in the Age of AI

It’s that time of the year. No, not just the time for Christmas, winter and holidays! But the time to look back at the year that went by to recognize and honour the exemplary SaaS startups in our community that made 2023 a year to remember. And what a year it has been. The previous […]

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Empowering your business with an advisory board

For a business, having a strong board of advisors is critical. This rule applies to new founders and seasoned ones. There are a few considerations when identifying your advisory board.

SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Sahil Aggarwal
Co-founder, Rattle
SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Aayush Ghosh Choudhury
Co-founder, Scrut Automation
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SaaSBoomi Turns Five: Charting India’s $1 Trillion SaaS Aspiration by 2030

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary on November 24, 2023, it is an opportune moment to reminisce about SaaSBoomi’s journey hitherto and look at the future.

GCC Corridor

The ‘GCC Corridor’ explores this dynamic market and its characteristic potential.

Qafila ’24

A three-day exclusive initiative geared towards building an India-Middle East SaaS corridor to accelerate learning, growth, and innovation.

SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Vivek Goel
Seasoned SaaS Marketer
SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Sudheer Bandaru
CEO & CTO at
SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Jignesh Talasila
CEO & Co-Founder at
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Code, Cuisine, and a 100% Inbound Strategy 

‘In Her Shoes’ is our newest series where we attempt to bring the spotlight onto women who are killing it in the SaaS industry! We talked to Sakshi Tulsian about her leadership journey and insights that transcend the conventional entrepreneurial narrative.This is a tale not just of business acumen, but of fortitude and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Jayashree V Mohan
Marketing & Events Associate, SaaSBoomi
SaaSBoomi Volunteer
Yash Sultania
Co-Founder & CEO, Survey2Connect
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ARR/FTE as *a* metric for India SaaS

This article first appeared as a LinkedIn post. A few days ago, I wrote about the need for Indian SaaS companies to get into the mindset of judicious hiring. SaaS startups saw the highest number of job cuts in 2023, which was widely reported.  You sometimes hear of a metric called ARR/FTE as a metric to track and maintain efficiency […]

Let’s Light a Firecrackers of Updates! 🧨

Building communities over the last 19 years, I used to be pretty convinced by one theory. The more you give = The more you receive. Assuming the role of a CEO has taught me that this is a fictitious one. ☝️ Don’t get me wrong! This theory truly creates magic in all interpersonal relationships within […]

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From the gardens of Bangalore to the high-rises of SF: Our SaaSBoomi Caravan journey

I strapped into the seat and tightened the belt. The plane shuddered as it started to push back. It was going to be my first visit to the US, and I was alone. I had put the pieces together for an event at a venue I had never been to before, in a city I […]

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Navigating US Enterprise Sales with Dhruvil Sanghvi

SaaSBoomi recently hosted an offline Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in Ahmedabad on enterprise sales with Dhruvil Sanghvi, founder and CEO of LogiNext. The AMA focused on building a roadmap to navigate the competitive US landscape for small and medium-sized businesses.  1. The Cosmic Quest: Defining Your Target Universe The session kicked off with a […]

Clear ‘Why,’ Sharp ‘How’ & WebEngage

Avlesh Singh and Ankit Utreja weaved strong strands of ‘WHY’ into their entrepreneurial DNA. While the former looks for ‘WHY’ in every action of his, the latter takes a deep dive into ‘WHY’ of every situation that unfolds.

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The ignored hyper-growth channel

Enjoy this 50-minute podcast where Arvind and Varun get on a call with Ankit Oberoi to decode the dilemma of ABM, or Account Based Marketing.  Ankit, being a proponent for documentation and structure, talks about his journey with AdPushup and how they discovered the untapped potential of ABM in a world filled with inbound marketing […]

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Pay-it-forward: A deep dive into what it looks like in action

As I sat down to write this piece, Chandrayaan-3 successfully made a soft landing close to the south pole of the Moon. It is a first for India, a first for the world. Like all impressive undertakings, it did not happen in a single day, or some months. It took 1,000 engineers and scientists. They […]

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A labour of love: SaaSBoomi Caravan ‘23

This is exactly what is magical about Caravan: a bunch of founders and operators going extra miles to help build an ecosystem for all of us to thrive. A labour of love.


Writing this book has been a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience. But I could never have done this alone. I would like to first thank all the founders who are featured in this book. They embody the spirit of Pay It Forward and have generously given their time and shared their valuable experiences and lessons. […]

How has the pandemic affected you?

The journey of a startup is fraught with hardships and difficulties. But the COVID-19 pandemic especially made us realize the pitfalls of a national lockdown on the whole economy. To be sure, the SaaS ecosystem like every other sector took a massive beating over 2020. We asked entrepreneurs what they did to cope with this […]

How do you prepare yourself, your company, and your team for challenges? How do you ensure that adversities only make you stronger?

MONISH DARDA As long as you recognize that change is inevitable and things will change from day to day and year to year, you are much better prepared for that change. In the last few months, I have been thinking about Taleb’s kind of antifragility [Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder, Random […]


We would surely run out of fingers if we counted the number of times the word resilience comes up in startup conversations! The SaaS ecosystem is replete with examples of entrepreneurs who had their backs against the wall time and again and devised strategies to pull themselves out from crises. Which is to say, they […]

Chapter 9
What is the role and constitution of a board? How does it change with scale?

SURESH SAMBANDAM I made one mistake which created a ripple effect. My co-founder left in the middle of 2013; we knew each other for 13 years. We had a good relationship— out of the 13 years, I would say that the first 12 years were absolutely phenomenal. During our last year together, he probably started […]

How did you go about the board constitution when you started? What does an ideal board look like?

ELAD GIL Reid Hoffman has this good saying that, to some extent, an external board member is like a cofounder that you can hire or an executive that you can hire in. Then you can give them a board seat and get them on your team. So, you kind of wants that calibre of a […]